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This hit close to home. When you’re looking fly as fuck but your plans get canceled last minute. #fresh #OG

Just finished this game against @yedid18 #nba2k14 #ballislife #oookillem

I think it’s safe to say the fast food breakfast game( the breakfast game in general) has changed thanks to #tacobell What’s nice about Taco Bell’s menu is that you have the choice of bacon, sausage, or steak to include in your food. My breakfast burrito was delicious and rather similar to McDonald’s, however, there was hot sauce already inside the burrito which was a pleasant surprise. I prefer my food to have some kick. Burrito was definitely an 8/10. The AM Crunchwrap was delicious. Included your choice of meat, cheese, eggs, and hashbrowns. It all in there. That was extremely good as well. I dipped into their syrup that they give you. It’s bomb. Unfortunately the dipping cups are really shallow which made me sad. Anyway AM Crunchwrap is great. The hashbrowns in the wrap blew my mind. I would recommend this. 9/10. The ever so innovative waffle taco is next. I decided to get the bacon and the sausage waffle taco. The person who created this idea should be thanked. This shit is delicious. I’d order it all the time. The waffle alone is pretty good too. I’d like for them to start selling waffles straight up. Anyway I’d give the waffle taco a 9.5/10. Thanks for all that read. I know none of you care then again IDGAFOS. Taco Bell has done well. I applaud you

Skipped class today in order to give my official breakfast review for Taco Bell. More pictures momentarily. #doingthisformyself #youcanthankmelater #tacobell

This shit is self explanatory

Professor is drawing farm animals in class again #campjwu #halp

Glad I saw @kieramariieee today! Good luck to Elmira with their competition today! #gameday #compday #Leonia

Haven’t put up a convo between MareBear and I. I believe it’s right to assume that “wow” is an I’m disappointed in my son wow. #wow #mom

Providence in a nutshell #prov #seal #sealteam6 #halp